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Inide (Nexxiius)

Post by Nexxiius on Sun Mar 13, 2016 2:35 pm

IGN: Nexxiius
Preferred nickname: Indie

Age: (Unspecified)

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 13th

Current Talent: Gunslinger, Fighter, and Warrior

Total Level: 1.2k and leveling

Master Talents: Going for Master Executioner.

How long have you played mabinogi: Since Beta.

Social/PvP/EvG? : All

Photo ID Picture of your avatar

Picture of yourself IRL

Game and Art enthusiast. I enjoy EDM, rock, and metal. I listen to a lot of indie music thus naming this guild.  A humble and fun loving leader.  I care for everyone in this Guild like family because that's what you are. Not just players and not just pixies. I'm open to talk anytime~

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